The Next Big Thing: Palmer Spring ’14

Everyone knows their Marcs their Calvins. But as the months mode kicks into gear, we’ll explain the designers up-and-coming and indie brand whose name you want to remember.

Labels: Palmer / / Harding, designed by Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding

Need to know: in five seasons, the duo behind the ready-to-wear line of Palmer / / Harding has been made ​​that a daunting task for all novice designers to integrate the vision and principles of those without the right balance of commercialism and portability. The pair presented twenty-two appearances for real closet, with about sixty separates for Spring ’14, the brand’s debut fashion show marked, marked de resistance-shirt brand. Primarily made ​​of poplin, cotton water-resistant, and sweaters in shades of white and blue, has a strong focus on cutting patterns (strengths designer) and fine details, spiral folds to fool around bracelet cuff snap that served as a structured their appearance. The show is set to storm the voice-work Malcolm Pate, a set of steel rods hanging from the ceiling are designed. Girls spring ranges zigzag catwalk, to give every effort to escape. rainstorm

Palmer Harding Spring '14

They said: “This season has a young and carefree attitude that frees the spirit caught in a thunderstorm, catch ‘offered Palmer But their starting point, as in every season, simple ..” We wanted a different silhouette and jersey separates are contextualised “said Harding.” shirt is what we build our business around. ”

Where to find it: Five Story and Curve in New York, Louis Boston in Boston, and Forty Five Ten in Dallas, among others.

Claire Barrow

On September 4 will start with illustrator and designer Claire Barrow. A six-piece, limited edition collection of Dan, according to the designer rocker attitude, it comes with a pretty tough themes: girl gang. Using the DIY aesthetic signature, Barrow has a hand-painted leather biker jackets and clutches (one from each debuting exclusively here) with a crew of three women pictures, which he has named elements: Fire Buckets, Jewel Lake Ritual for water, and the Earth Angel to the ground and the air.

Designer of 23 years, which will come with Fashion East for the third time in the upcoming London Fashion Week, more than a few high-profile fans interested as they are launched for spring ’13. Both Rihanna and Jessie J dedicated customer, ordered for the second-and off-stage, and Barrow has built a cult following the world, suggests that the rebels, punkish spirit is alive and well.

Barrow said that he enjoyed collaborators because retailers did not make it to soften her face: “I think there are times when I realized that if you could dress up as a form of rebellion, there is not a time when I thought, I want to do fashion. These just sort of came to me. And it was great working with because she encouraged me to stay true to the brand ethos me. this is a great opportunity for me to demonstrate to a wider customer base. ”

What To Wear in Europe

When traveling abroad, you must first know the rules for luggage. In most cases it is not allowed to take. Over your clothes There are limitations to how much your bags weigh and how much you can carry the bag. You also have to know what kind of climate to expect. Therefore, you need to do when it comes to two things before choosing your holiday look at your research.

Events and activities
Now you are going to assess what types of events or activities you will participate in. If you are outside, then you will need to have comfortable clothing. If you are going to eat at a nice restaurant (which you probably will) or go to a concert, then it is very important that you pack both formal and informal outfits. Make sure you lose the clothes and the right pair of shoes for each activity.

Maintain a sense of style
In Europe, women dress more than women in the United States. In fact, you can be refused entry at the gathering places such as churches and synagogues are you dressed scarce. Europe knows how because we predicted tennis shoes, t-shirt and baseball cap, which does not include spotting. An American in Europe closet to blend in, it is best to have a pair of trousers, blouse and skirt suit shirt. Choose basic colors like brown, white and black. It’s always fashionable. To accessorize, choose bolder colors when it comes to your necklaces, bracelets, scarves and shoes

If your vacation is during the summer, you’ll know moist. So grab a summer dress, sandals, a pair of shoes and a pair of linen pants medium. You can also grab a pair of jeans. For touring or to museums, some are semi-formal wear shoes, but comfortable.

Do not go on a shopping trip for you. Use the clothing items that you already have in your wardrobe. Although you want to wear comfortable clothes and may be tempted to take their shorts, sneakers and hats will be identified in a crowd and can easily become the focus of a pickpocket. Wear pretty tops, colored shoe fits, neutral colored bottom and accessories that pop. In fact, depending on the season and European fashion trends, you will be able to pull off quite a success. How? Do your own research to see what the Europeans currently wearing.

Are you ready for a European vacation? Just stick to your own personal style and follow your instincts. Wear what makes you happy, but to take into account the culture of the country you are visiting. If you have taken a European trip let us know what kind of clothes you are stuck. Our visitors want to know what you think so be sure to write your comments below.

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Runway to Red Carpet at MTV VMA

Cate Blanchett in Christopher KaneMTV Video Music Awards Sunday moved to Brooklyn this year, we saw an interesting mix of Hollywood glamor and a signature Brooklyn pared-down look at the red carpet. For example, many adorning Ciara appeared in Givenchy Couture Fall ’10 gorgeous, and Lady Gaga arrives in a custom Prabal Gurung dress news, but some of our favorite looks to fly under the radar. Joan Smalls chose long sleeve white gowns humble of Viktor & Rolf Fall ’13 runways, combined with Casadei strappy black leather boots, and singer Grimes attractive Versace necklace and patterned pants with a simple black top.

After VMA dress her sexed-up, Selena Gomez chose a sweet Vera Wang Fall ’13 gown with flower and butterfly print jacquard peplum skirt for the LA premiere of her new movie, The Getaway, on Monday night.

The next night, Cate Blanchett walked the red carpet at the Paris premiere of her film Blue Jasmine at Christopher Kane dress made ​​out of the cobweb-like fines his Resort ’14 collection. Paired with a simple low ponytail, almost no makeup, and nude pumps, intoxicating display is clear highlight celebrity circuit this week.

We should also note that Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s historic “I Have a Dream” speech, and all eyes are on Washington, DC, today. Although it was not a red carpet event, which is always stylish First Lady looks smart and sophisticated when she accompanied her husband to the Let Freedom Ring ceremony fit black-and-flare Tracy Reese Fall ’13 dress with red flower prints.

Edition 10 Is Looking West

For China labels, brand security is a difficult thing indeed, especially as the perception of “Made in China” is still highly stigmatized. But Issue 10 has put his sights on the long term. If the range of China’s high-end ready-to-wear brand MO & Co., which originated in Guangzhou in 2004, Edition 10 is making progress slow and steady but impressive with the help of brand director Jenny Kim. Focusing on the spicy, urban women who appreciate comfort and clothing with an edge, the main aesthetic label ‘boy-girl chic. “Kim puts an emphasis on quality, materials and techniques, and he was sure that the look Edition 10 and the production values ​​are high have international appeal.” We started our international wholesale business in 2012, first with Lane Crawford, which is a milestone for the company, “said Kim” For [Spring '14] ‘s market week, we will present to the international buyers and press in New York, London and Paris, targeting top retailers such as Barneys, Selfridges, and Printemps. “With a strong network of stores in major cities in China, Kim focused on the 10th edition of the groundbreaking first Chinese women’s clothing range to really go global.

Brand Fall ’13 campaign is proof of the goal to break into western markets familiar face fashion Stella Tennant (the video for his debut on the label) and Freja Beha Erichsen represent Edition 10 and MO & Co., respectively.


“Stella has a pulling power that comes from within, which is much more powerful than fashion and beauty. Certain attitude and he embodies the spirit of the modern woman who is so relevant to our times,” said Kim. “As for Freja, she exudes indifference and beauty that has become a form of high contrast of beauty.”

It is important to note that it is not unusual to start with much fanfare in the West, only to see their future is cut short before slandering Shanghai Tang and JNBY (Just Naturally Be Yourself) among them. For the original Chinese fashion brand but Kim is optimistic about the future of Issue 10 in the West and elsewhere. “Newfound confidence we have a certain power delivered to the spirit of our brand,” he said. “And with our innovative campaigns each season, the brand became more prominent as a leader.”

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